E-Lawyering Visions

Our web-based discussion group, hosted on our web server, provides a number of conferences where lawyers and other legal professionals exchange eLawyering news, ideas, insights, and resources. Please visit to (a) read the messages that have been posted, (b) register, and (c) participate in the discussion. We welcome a diversity of views.

The discussion software has many intuitive features. Taking some time to explore the options available can be worthwhile. Here are some of the more helpful features and some brief explanations of how to use them:

    • E-mail Notification. We strongly encourage all users to set their “profile” so that they will automatically receive e-mail notification of new messages on topics that interest them. Select menu choice “More …” and then “E-Mail Notification. You can do this on a conference by conference basis.

    • Signature Blocks. You can set up the software to automatically add you identifying information. Signature settings are under menu choice “More …” in the “Edit Your Profile” section.

    • HTML Handling. The software recognizes complete web site addresses (at least the ones that are complete, i.e., that include the http:// prefix) and converts them to hypertext links automatically. You can also include HTML formatting tags by hand, or even link to graphics at other web sites, which will appear as part of your message.

    • Editing, Moving or Deleting Your Message. Users can edit messages they have posted by calling the message up, then selecting “edit.”